Clifford Crane The Intellectual Behind The Success Of Biometrics Security

Clifford Crane the hard-core businessman oversees the manufacture of all his electronic security systems and parts at the local plant in Newport Beach, California. Ninety percent of Apollo security systems are exported internationally to new clients and long-standing customers. The infrastructure and technical support is also achieved by the company’s branches and offices in United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil and China. Clifford Crane an engineering graduate who received his bachelor’s degree from the California State University of Fullerton.

Clifford Crane tries to manufacture the best quality Access Control and Integration system. Most of his securities products are used and ordered by regular customers the world over. They are security Door Modules and Alarm Systems that also work on Interface network modules. Clifford always tries to ensure that his security products meet with the Organization for Standardization ISO standards and equipments to ensure that the company maintains the highest quality control measures and values.

Clifford Crane says that when his security company meets with all standardized characteristics it sure stands out to be an ISO certified 9001 company and maintains its accreditation. He doesn’t only strives  hard to design and manufacture innovative security products  but also plays  a very special role in supporting and encouraging his community by offering donations to various charities and good causes for the betterment of the society.


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